Android OS-based Motorola Charm Might Not Debut Until Late August

Those interested in the Motorola Charm might have a bit of a wait — according to an unconfirmed report, this inexpensive Android OS smartphone isn’t going to be released by T-Mobile until late next month.

Motorola officially took the wraps off this consumer-oriented device several weeks ago, and at the time was vague about its release date, only saying it will be on the market by the end of this summer.

Information leaking out of T-Mobile at the time of the unveiling said the launch date was going to July 21, but obviously this didn’t happen. A new report indicates that the release date is supposedly going to be August 25.

Appearing in Stores… Sort Of

Non-functional demo units of the Motorola Charm have been spotted in T-Mobile stores scattered around the country, but no stores have received working units yet.
It’s possible the demos were sent out when this carrier still expected to introduce the Charm on July 21.

The store displays that do with the demo units say that this smartphone is going to sell for $75 with a 2-year contract and mail-in rebate or for $270 without a contract.

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