About Us

Actually, it’s not really “us,” but rather “me.” I’m Jack*, and my goal here is to bring you accurate, unbiased, thoroughly researched reviews on miter saws, hopefully providing you with a “one stop” research/shopping guide for the saws I cover.

Since (as I stated on the home page) it would be pointless to write in-depth reviews on less than adequate tools, I do tend to be enthusiastic about the saws I review, which are all high quality products from leading name brand manufacturers.

However, each saw has its strong and weak points, limitations, advantages, and exclusive features, as well as minor idiosyncrasies that may be a plus or minus for you, which are the types of things I want to bring to your attention.

Additionally, I’m working on the premise that summarizing input (user reviews) from many individuals who have a range of experience, experiences, expectations, and applications will provide you with not only a well rounded overall view of a saw, but occasionally find those little not-so-obvious characteristics that might sway your buying decision one way or the other.

*Useless personal information: I was raised around tools of all kinds, since my father was a woodworking enthusiast who also owned a metal fabricating company “back in the day,” and I still find myself lusting after some “cool” tools for which I would really have to invent a need to justify owning. Writing about them seems to take the edge off… ;)